Contributors - Carter County Museum

Carter County Museum ImageCarter County Museum was Montana’s first county museum, and the first to display dinosaurs in the state. That’s a history that spans some 80 million years– with exhibits ranging from a mounted skeleton of an Anatotitan copei, to eleven-thousand-year-old arrowheads, to early pioneer artifacts.

Museum Mission: To increase and diffuse knowledge and appreciation of history, art and science; to discover, excavate and preserve fossils, fossil bones, and human artifacts; to advance the science of archaeology and paleontology; to collect and preserve objects of historic, artistic, and scientific interest; and to acquire and maintain a library to assist in the above purpose.

Carter County Centennial Collection

In 2017, Carter County, Montana celebrated its centennial year. To commemorate this occasion, the Carter County Museum has compiled a collection of photographs taken throughout Carter County's storied history, from pioneers and paleontology to present day rodeo and ranching families. Within this collection, the viewer can choose to explore scenic history of the Medicine Rocks and Custer National Forest, or take a look at the human occupation of the county, from the timber industry to bucking horses. Founded in 1885, Ekalaka, the county seat, is featured prominently, as are images from dinosaur and archaeology digs conducted by members of the Carter County Museum, Montana's oldest county museum.