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Contruction of the Hungry Horse Dam

From August 1948 to April 1953, progress reports were issued monthly on the building of the Hungry Horse Dam in northwest Montana. The reports consisted of one to three pages of narrative, plus (during construction season) three to six photographs. In many cases, a photograph of the same site was taken at regular intervals, clearly showing what had been accomplished during the previous thirty days.

Flathead and Lincoln Counties Directories

The Flathead and Lincoln Counties Directories Collection consists of 10 R.L. Polk city directories originally published from 1901 to 1922.  The directories cover the geographical area that is now Lincoln, Flathead, and northern Lake County.  City directories contain a wealth of information about individuals, towns and businesses.  Information about individuals may include addresses, occupations, spouses, and in some volumes death dates or place of relocation.

Johns (Sam) Collection

This 10-volume collection of newspaper articles and other early writing provides a unique look at the Flathead area of Montana in the late 1800s. It includes information about Native Americans, settlers, and early towns (such as Demersville). Also included are 20 bizarrely varying, but fascinating papers which Mr. Johns also wrote. Its compiler, Samuel Enoch Johns (1866-1945) was 23 years old when he arrived in the Flathead area in 1889. Johns was a Kalispell, Montana businessman and local historian who compiled the histories at the urging of his brother-in-law, Frank Bird Linderman. 


Kalispell Water Department Reports

From 1914 through 1940 the Kalispell Water Department published an annual report covering that year’s activities. Many of these reports also include information about the Fire Department and other city departments.  The reports from 1920 through 1930 contain a lot of historically valuable information and photographs about notable buildings and organizations in and around Kalispell.  Also included in the collection is a 1912 report of the Water Commission.