Contributors - Lewistown Public Library

The Lewistown Public Library, in Lewistown, Montana provides free and equal access to quality materials and services, which fulfill the educational, informational, cultural, and recreational needs of the entire community. The Lewistown Public Library was built as a Carnegie library in 1905. Local sandstone was used to construct the Library. A lower level addition to the library was completed in 1990.

The library is proud to offer a large local and Montana history collection as well as an extensive genealogy area that is preserved and assembled by the Central Montana Genealogy Society. The Genealogy Society is housed in the library and focuses on information regarding Central Montana and its past. 

Central Montana Historical Documents

The Central Montana Historical Documents collection consists of many of the early articles written by local historians. It also includes some of the early books that local communities wrote about the early settlers. This collection contains High School annuals, Judith Basin real estate brochures, ghost town articles and many interviews that tell a story of the homesteaders and their business ventures. 

Central Montana Historical Photographs

The Central Montana Historical Photograph collection shows a representative sample of the Lewistown and Fergus County area from 1880-1930. It includes the early Metis settlers, the Croatian stonemasons who constructed the buildings that still exist today and the homesteaders who shaped early Fergus County. Many of these photos were taken by the early photographer, William Culver.

Central Montana R.L. Polk Directories 

This collection of R.L. Polk Directories consists of directories published from 1904 to 1923. The directories cover the geographical areas of Fergus County, Petroleum County, Judith Basin County and Musselshell County. The specific coverage varies with each book. City directories contain a wealth of information about individuals, towns and businesses. Information about individuals may include addresses, occupations, spouses, and in some volumes death dates or place of relocation.

Danvers, Montana Oral Histories

Danvers is a small agricultural community settled largely by Bohemian Catholics and located on the Milwaukee Road. St. Wenceslaus Church, a symbol of the Bohemian religious and cultural heritage, was built in 1916. Much of the town’s social gatherings revolved around the church and the hall located across the road.