Contributors - MSU Billings Library

The MSU BIllings Library's main mission is to provide materials to satisfy the informational and educational needs of MSU Billings students, faculty, and staff.  In keeping with the mission of the university, the library:

  • Supports excellence in teaching and engagement in individual learning
  • Provides a center for intellectual, cultural, social, and economic enhancement of the university and greater Billings communities
  • Supports the quest to translate knowledge into practice
  • Nurtures a community of learners
  • Supports the research initiatives of all programs
  • Responds to requests from students and faculty for improving Library collections
  • Identifies needs of Library users through surveys, focus groups, and other means, and modifies current practice to fit user needs

EMC and MSUB Posters

A collection of posters from Eastern Montana College now known as Montana State University Billings, beginning in 1972 to 2015. The collection contains posters from American Indian outreach, art, music, sports, theatre, and other campus events that have taken place at MSU Billings.


EMC and MSUB Yearbooks

A collection of college yearbooks from Eastern Montana Normal School, Eastern Montana State Normal School, and Eastern Montana College of Education (now known as MSU Billings), beginning in 1929 with the last yearbook in 1972. 

MSU Billings Student Newspapers

This newspaper is available on Montana Newspapers

A collection of  student produced newspapers from Eastern Montana State Normal School, Eastern Montana College of Education, and now known as Montana State University Billings (MSU Billings), ranging from 1940 to 2013.