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History of Fort Keogh, Montana

This brief history of FortKeogh, established at the mouth of the Tongue River in 1876, was written by a high school student as a class assignment in 1965. 

History of Medecine in Fort Keogh and Miles City, 1876-2005

This booklet contains brief biographies of physicians in MilesCity, starting with the first doctors who served FortKeogh when it was established at the mouth of the Tongue River in 1876.  Dr. Winters updates his booklet every few years. 

Miles City WWII Peggy Letters

The Miles City WWII Peggy Letters consists of newsletters written by the Miles City branch of American Women’s Voluntary Services (AWVS) from late 1942 until early 1946.  The newsletters were sent to every service man and woman from Miles City, Custer County, and neighboring areas for whom they had addresses to keep them abreast of events at home while they were serving in the military.  The AWVS chose “Peggy” as a pseudonym: several AWVS women took turns writing the newsletters.

The bulk of the collection consists of the letters these same service men and women wrote back to “Peggy”. Some letters are typed, many are handwritten, and a few are V-mails.  Many letters include envelopes, and a few include photos or drawings.   It is unknown whether the Peggy writers anticipated responses to their newsletters.

Saddle Makers of Miles City

This collection has two parts.  The first part is an interview with retired saddlemaker Glenn VerBeck about the history of saddlemaking in Miles City, including the tools and processes used.  The last part is a register of saddlemakers.