Educational Resources - Compare/Contrast Activities

Compare Contrast Activities

Digital libraries provide an excellent opportunity to practice compare and contrast skills at all grade levels. Some simple examples include comparing photographs from different time periods. More complex skills can be addressed by comparing and contrasting various documents. This page offers some simple examples of the types of classroom lessons that could be created using images from the Montana Memory Project. 


Compare/contrast a MMP photo of a specific location to a modern photo of the same location. For example, The image on theleft depicts 116 S. Higgins Ave., Missoula, Montana in the year 1901. The image below on the right  depicts 116 S. Higgins Avenue as it appeared in 2012 on Google Maps in street view.


Compare/contrast clothing styles & homes from different time periods. These two images depict Native Americans from Montana. The title of the image on the left is Blood Native North Americans, Mr. and Mrs. Big Sorrel Horse Sun Lodge Encampment, and the title of the image on the right is Blood Native North American Family Portrait at Summer Camp.



Compare/contrast technology of a specific time period to present. These two offices tell a very different story about how work was done and who performed the work.


Compare/contrast attitudes on a specific event - use newspapers, letters, diaries and journals


Compare headlines from small newspapers on dates of significant events with major newspapers from across the country using Chronicling America